Love’s Army protected
the homeless.

Love’s Army battled poverty
on multiple fronts.

Love’s Army fought
without discrimination.

As the most vulnerable faced
more challenges, Love’s Army
helped them fight back.

In challenging times, we’re more committed than ever to serving all with love, kindness, and hope.

In the trenches of COVID-19, Love’s Army protected the vulnerable

When COVID-19 hit, the vulnerable became more vulnerable. Hunger plagued more victims. And those who may have once been donors found themselves suddenly in need. But with the help of our supporters, The Salvation Army quickly adapted our services to meet the need.

  • Supplied more than 155 million meals between March and September 2020
  • Provided over 1.6 million nights of COVID-19 shelter at 990 shelters, housing facilities, and senior living centers
  • Delivered hope to over 857,109 people through emotional and spiritual care

In the LGBTQ community, Love’s Army continued to serve without discrimination

At The Salvation Army, we serve all in need. With love, with compassion, and without discrimination. And our approach to employment is the same as our service: We hire without discrimination. We love all. We serve all. And we work side by side with all in the continuing fight for good across the country.

  • In Las Vegas, we operate a safe dorm for homeless transgender people
  • In San Francisco, we offer a detoxification facility that caters to those infected with HIV/AIDS
  • In Houston, we operate a day shelter for homeless young adults, many of whom identify as LGBTQ
  • In Boston, we work with the city to combat trafficking of transgender individuals

In the battle for racial equality, Love’s Army fought as one

As followers of Jesus Christ and believers that all people are made in the image of God, The Salvation Army stands against racism of all forms. We are united in our mission to serve all in need, without discrimination. And our anti-racism efforts across the country have been, and will continue to be, peaceful, powerful, and as beautifully diverse as the people we stand beside and behind every day.

  • The Salvation Army has a presence in nearly every ZIP code in the country, serving the specific needs of each diverse community
  • Through our Pathway of Hope initiative, we help families break the cycle of generational poverty that’s kept millions of underserved Americans in need